Tonal Tools on EAS Conference Rostock (D)

Posted on 20/03/2015 12:07


On March 26th 2015 Hans Van Regenmortel will present Tonal Tools at the EAS (European Association for Music in Schools) Conference in Rostock (D).


Tonal Tools for Keyboard Players: The Relevance of a Forgotten Aural Practice and the End of Mere Reproduction


Artistic and scientific developments have thoroughly broadened our view of musicality. In addition, current musicological research has shed new light on the way musicians from the baroque era to the nineteenth century acquired their skills. Fascinating correlations between baroque partimento practice and an aural based lead sheet approach – common in jazz and pop music – have emerged.


Musica, Impulse Centre for Music developed a toolkit for keyboard players and teachers that translates proven but forgotten expertise into a more embodied and aural approach to tonal music, spanning the baroque, classical, romantic, jazz and pop repertoire by means of common improvisational and compositional principles. The result is Tonal Tools, an educational kit that makes an artistic view of musical development with tonal music pivotal (again).


Tonal Tools proposes nine harmonic ‘components’ for a creative approach to tonal repertoire from the very start to professional level. TT can be interwoven with usual keyboard didactics and repertoire according to a pupil’s pace and needs. Expect a better integration of musical understanding and instrumental skill, a more reliable memory and better sight-reading ability, a broadened musical imagination, enhanced expressiveness and a joy for playing tonal music.


As a valuable extension to keyboard teachers’ existing professional expertise, Tonal Tools opens new artistic and (auto-) didactic perspectives, including idiomatic improvisation and composition, re-composition of existing works, as well as new ways to deal with the music and practices of the past… in the future.